RosegarthRosanovaIn Sweet Memory of Rosie
The Carnival is now over.
13.03.2002 - 03.03.2014My Lilac Princess
A Great Big Thank you to 
Anna Ruth of Rosegarth Persians
for this lovely little Darling

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Rosie has rescieved the special award of


As she is the mother of 5 (+ 1) babies which has at least achieved the titles of International Champions/Premiers.


GR.INT.CH. Westpoint WOW! Sexy Miss Sophie. Bluept Himalayan (1 x NOM)

GR.INT.CH. Westpoint I am NITRO.  Lilac Persian (1 x NOM)

GR.INT.CH. Westpoint Oo-Wee Oh Me Oh My! Blue/White Bicolour. (3 x BIV)

INT.CH.         Westpoint Sassy Lassie Classy Chassis. Blue/White Bicolour. (2 x BIV)

INT.CH.         Westpoint SPUTNIK 2010. Blue/White Bicolour. (1 x BOX, 1 x NOM)

INT.CH.         Westpoint Rosie`s Sunday Surprise. Lilac Persian.


We`re just so proud to have had a cat like Rosie in our cattery which has always been so much joy and fun, and have produced such lovely babies.

Thank you Rosie we love you so much :-)