Cullykhan OriannaPlease welcome
Our new baby girl.
Pure persian NOT carrieng chocolate & cp.
Cullykhan Orianna of Precon & Westpoint.Thank you Angela Millican "Cullykhan Persians" for this
magnificant little darling
Cullykhan Orianna
Born.21/05 2012.
Sire: Taragona Unplugged PER.n01
Dam: Sumava Axultation PER.n0323

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Taragona Unplugged PER.n.01Sumava Axultation PER.n.0323PEDIGREE

I`ve had heard that it would be difficult with cats and training... It's not!

Mine trained me in only two days.

CHAMPIONThe photos of Baby "China" and her parents are kindly lent by Angela Millican of Cullykhan Persians.