proudly presents
our new boy for the future.
Please Welcome.
BAGIRA ALMOST HEAVEN.Pure Persian. Not carrieng
chocolate & cp.

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Roskilde Denmark Aug. 09.2009. NOM. BIS.
Albertslund Denmark. Sep. 27.2009 NOM.
Hilleroed Denmark. Nov. 07.2009 NOM.
Hilleroed Denmark. Nov 08.2009 NOM.
Grömitz Germany. Mar. 28.2010 NOM.SHOW RESULTSMalmö Sweden. April. 11. 2010 NOM.
Hamburg Germany. May 15.2010  NOM BIS/BOX.
Hamburg Germany. May 16.2010  NOM BIS/BOX.
Karlshamn Sweden Sep 25.2010. NOM.SURPREME CHAMPION